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April, a prostitute looking for a way off the streets finds a reason to love in the heart of a suicidal stranger looking for a reason to live.

The next three nights center around Leon’s diner, a refuge for the homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes.  A respite for weekend warriors and late-night partiers, and a haven for travelers looking for a connection, settling on a cup of coffee, a slice of pie, or an omelet, before the sun rises.

It's a hot night in the forgotten warehouse district . Another dead body is found. The killer is smart enough not to leave a clue. Even if he did, these are girls society has already thrown out. For April, a rogue sex worker, this night starts like any other night when the sun goes down on the city streets; with a cup of coffee and a cheese danish at Leon's Diner, and a slow dance with a friend who represents nothing more than safety when he holds her. Leon's Diner is the one bright spot in the dark night. A refuge for the homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes. A respite for weekend warriors and late-night partiers, and a haven for travelers looking for a connection, settling on a cup of coffee, a slice of pie, or an omelet, before the sun rises. A stranger shows up worn and tired, wearing a suit. He sticks out like a martini in a beer bar. After a chance encounter with April in a bodega, The Stranger rents a clean room in a dirty motel. His only possessions are a bottle of bad vodka, a gun, and a single bullet for a solo game of Russian Roulette. The Stranger sees April again at Leon's Diner, only to lose track of her to a John. Enamored, The Stranger waits at the diner hoping April will return. She does not. Not tonight. The Stranger returns to his motel room for one bullet. One spin of the barrel. One pull of the trigger. Succeeding to fail, he lays down and sleeps through the day, only to start his overnight quest, again.

The weekend takes a turn. April meets The Stranger. His name is Coop. Someone who listens to April. Someone who sees April. Someone who makes April feel again. April's effect on Coop is similar. Three suburban teens, Zub, Wick, and Cupid, looking for some relief from the cacophony of the rave they're attending at a nearby abandoned warehouse, stumble upon a dead body in an alley.​ Ryan, a sex addict, works the streets, but not the way you may think. He's a high-school teacher who photographs the nightlife, documenting the forgotten. He lives on the edge of his sobriety by taking fetish photographs of the working girls, in his studio. Ryan's latest model, Mistress Marquesa; The resident Dominatrix, whom he was also tutoring, was just found dead. McCleary, a street-beat detective with a bad attitude, and a hovering Lieutenant, hunts for the killer. Latigo, a ruthless pimp hoping to find the killer before the cops, meets up with The Stranger and educates him on who owns the streets. Tiffany, Latigo’s drug-abusing and emotionally unstable “top” girl, strings Ryan along in a questionable relationship. The affair creates a conflict between Ryan and Latigo. Tiffany attempts to make Latigo happy by grooming Cherry, a naive young runaway. A long-standing feud with a transgender cabaret singer, Honee Sweet fuels Tiffany's instability.

Tiffany, on her way to her motel room, before the sun rises, is followed. The stalker pushes his way into Tiffany's room and attacks her. She struggles free, retrieves her gun, and fights off the attacker. Tiffany, blood pumping with drug-fueled rage, fear, and adrenalin, is spinning out of control. She runs to Leon’s Diner to find Latigo. When she arrives, she sees Latigo in an embrace with Cherry. Irrational and clouded by anger, Tiffany pulls her gun and shoots into the crowd. Sirens fade as the lights go down on the city streets. Just like every night before. Only this night... There is no Coffee or cheese danish. There is no slow dance. April found her reason to love, to live... and to leave.

These three nights center around Leon's Diner, a place for a hot cup of coffee, a warm bowl of soup,

and hope in the face of despair.

Somewhere to Run
is committed to giving a percentage of your support to
Suicide Prevention.

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