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Beyond Reason Productions

bringing life to original, creative, and innovative stories.

BRP 2023

Inspiration at every turn

Beyond Reason Productions began as an idea suggested when someone asked...

"Now that you've produced Reason, What's next?"

The success of Diamond Confidential and Just Three Words produced by Ghost Light Pictures inspired Gary to independently produce REASON, a short film inspired by the question "Is life a series of accidents, or does everything happen for a reason"

The journey from page to screen in itself was a reflection of the question.

The film was finished and slated for its debut public screening on the first day the country locked down to face a pandemic.

Gary immediately switched gears and submitted the film to a number of festivals.

Reason collected laurels from Best score to Best Ensemble, the final honor 2 years after completion, was being a featured short and screened for the first time in front of a live audience 

at TCL Chinese theater 

Hollywood CA.

With the success of REASON, the obvious question was

"What's next?"

What's beyond Reason...

Gary J.Klavans


Some people are born to tell stories. 

Whether writing or performing,

Gary’s gift to tell stories has entertained audiences for decades.

“After producing Reason, I have a lot of respect for the hands-on producer. I’d much rather surround myself with people who know more and let them do the job, but now I understand more the job I want them to do.

Trisha Miller


For the past few decades, Trisha Miller has been a business owner as well as an operational executive for several SMBs that she helped guide from start-up to successful acquisition, and frequently provides operations and management mentoring for small non-profits.

I have no ego

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