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Somewhere to Run
is a story of hope in the face of despair
and we are committed to giving a percentage of your support to
Suicide Prevention.

• Every day, approximately 132 Americans die by suicide. — - — - — - — - • There are approximately 12 million Suicide attempts annually in the U.S. That’s 1 attempt in the US every 26 seconds. — - — - — - — - • There is one suicide death for every estimated 25 suicide attempts. That’s one suicide death in the US every 11 minutes. — - — - — - — - • Suicide is rarely caused by a single circumstance or event. We can learn the warning signs. We can take action. — - — - — - — - • We can help change suicidal thoughts and behavior by reminding people that they're connected to a community, that they have reasons to live, family, friends and even pets. — - — - — - — - When you visit, you’ll find stories from people who have been through a crisis and found Hope & Recovery. — - — - — - — - • If you or someone you know is in crisis, Please call 988 or visit There is Somewhere to Run.

Depression.  Addiction. Abuse.  Homelessness.

Facing these issues can be hard, no one should have to do it alone.  

Although we intend to make a film that is engaging, we also hope to shed some light on these issues

Click on the                    button and a portion of your gift will help support Suicide prevention

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Independent film is produced by visionary directors and writers
who make their own way, often relying on crowdfunding sites to finance their movies or hoping to get the "unicorn investor" or pre-distribution like VOD/streaming services, or self-distribution through digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Video, or YouTube.

The best independent films are those that have a personal story

and can be understood by the audience.

That is why we bring you

Somewhere to Run

A story of hope in the face of despair

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See what it takes to make a movie

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