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It takes a village to make a movie!

 From the first page printed to the final edit, no movie is made without the collaborative effort from

the talented people behind the scenes to the talent in front of the camera.

This includes you, our audience.  Without you, all we are is a dream. 

And you can make the dream come true.

Imagination Possible


All the planning and preparation Before the cameras can roll.

Casting, Location Scouting, Set Design, Costume Design, Scheduling, Budgeting, Storyboarding, Securing Permits... 

This stage is crucial as it sets the groundwork for the production and post-production phases, ensuring the filming process runs smoothly and efficiently. It involves collaboration among various departments and is led by the director, producers, and other key personnel.

Camera & Crew

From the iPhone to the Arri, we can't make a movie without a camera. The camera crew is responsible for all aspects of working with the camera to capture the footage as envisioned by the Director and Director of photography. 

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Art Department

The Art Department, supervised by the production designer, is responsible for creating the overall visual look of the production. The Art Department may include art directors, set decorators, scenic artists, and storyboard artists.

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Grip & Electric

Grip-Electric is a crucial part of the filmmaking process, contributing to the visual storytelling by managing the light and camera movement to create the intended atmosphere and look for each scene.

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The Prop Department on a film set, headed by the Prop Master, is responsible for managing all the objects that actors handle or interact with on screen. 

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On a film set, the sound department plays a crucial role in capturing and managing the audio elements of a production.

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The Wardrobe Department on a film set is responsible for the design, procurement, and maintenance of all costumes worn by actors.

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Hair & Make-up

Hair and Make-Up plays a crucial role in transforming actors into their characters and ensuring that they match the visual style of the story. Overall, the Hair and Make-Up department is essential for creating the visual identity of characters.

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A film editor is responsible for turning the uncut footage into a finished, cohesive final project.

They piece together the story frame by frame, supporting the dialogue and completing the film to reflect the director’s interpretation of the script.

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Sound Design

A critical component that involves creating the auditory elements to support and enhance the visual narrative. It’s not just the music or dialogue; sound design encompasses everything from ambient background noise to the specific sounds of footsteps or rustling clothes.

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