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Independent film is not produced on a Hollywood big budget – instead, visionary directors and writers make their own way, often relying on crowdfunding sites to finance their movies or hoping to get the "unicorn investor" or pre-distribution like VOD/streaming services, or self-distribution through digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Video, or YouTube.

The best independent films are those that have a personal story and can be understood by the audience.

That is why we bring you

“Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects.”

― Roger Zelazny

Image by Alexander Schimmeck
Blue Skies

Why tell this story?

It's a love story.  It's a story of hope.  It's timeless. 

It speaks of real people with real problems.

It doesn't matter what we have, it's about what we need.


When the lights go down on the city streets, everybody needs Somewhere to Run.

WINNER - Berlin International Screenwriting Festival - 2023.png

What We Need


  • Cast - good actors bring a story to life.   

  • Crew - We need to pay our hard-working crew. 

  • Hair & Makeup - It cost to look this good on camera.

  • Production Design - A good story deserves the right look to capture the Noir genre of the film.

  • Camera & Equipment rentals - We can't shoot without a camera & lighting equipment.

  • Craft Service - A good crew makes magic on a satisfied stomach. Let's feed these guys!

  • Production Insurance - Anything can happen, let's be prepared.

  • Music Licensing - Music, as important as any character in the film.  Hitchcock never considered his films complete without the score. 

  • Hard drives - We're shooting a great film.  Let's keep it safe and store it properly when delivering it to our editors.

We are currently seeking $25,000 to $100,000.00 to seed production.

$700,000.00 to complete the production


Investors are to receive 95% of all revenue derived from the project equally until a 110% return on investment has been recouped;

Investors and Producers share 50/50 thereafter.


Seed & Spark
Crowdfunding campaign for

Somewhere to Run

Launching soon

  1. ​$25-$49 – Shout out (with @tag) on Social Media

  2. $50 – An official mini-poster (4"x 6" postcard) suitable for framing

  3. $150 – Special thanks in the film’s closing credits

  4. $300 – Have your photograph posted on LEON’S “Wall of Fame”

  5. $500 – Digital Copy of the completed film SOMEWHERE TO RUN.*

  6. $750 – Be an Extra in the film (local residents only) If you’re not in the area your photograph posted on LEON’S “Wall of Fame” will be featured on-screen.

  7. $1000 – Invitation to Private Screening, and any screenings in your area. (Must supply your own transportation to screenings.)

  8. $2000 – Signed Copy of the Script.*

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

*These items will be sent following

the completion of production​

We’d love to offer tangible gifts to thank you for your donation

However, every expense takes away from the funding we need to make a quality film.  

We do appreciate your support, so instead, we offer you some priceless intangible incentives.

Depression.  Addiction. Abuse.  Homelessness.

Facing these issues can be hard, no one should have to do it alone.  

Although we intend to make a film that is engaging, we also hope to shed some light on these issues, which is why for every $1000.00 we raise we will donate 10% to Suicide Prevention. 

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available.

Call or text 988 to connect with a trained Crisis Counselor.

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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